2023 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Sleepers | Undervalued WR (2024)

We're hard at work over here rounding out this year's Fantasy Football Draft Kit at F6P, this week with our full positional gamut of sleepers. You know how much I love a good hangar when it comes to my lineups, so I've got a handful of names to share for our 2023 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Sleepers list.

Let's start by structuring some operational definitions, yeah? By "sleepers," here, I simply mean wide receivers upon whom the general public seems to be slumbering. Which is to say: they're being drafted too late.

I tried to include a wideout or two for each meaningful tier of your redraft PPR leagues, so as to keep my suggestions relevant for mainstream leagues. When I reference general ADP, I'm using FantasyPros as my metric.

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Deebo Samuel (WR19), San Francisco 49ers

Should You Draft Deebo Samuel in Fantasy Football? #nfl #fantasyfootball #deebosamuel pic.twitter.com/tt52A2pDLN

— StoeterSports (@StoeterSports) July 7, 2023

Given that he's consensus-ranked within the top-twenty wide receivers, Deebo as a sleeper isn't exactly a goldmine-under-a-dunghill sort of proclamation. But are we really okay with his ranking as a low-end WR2?

Sure—was last years 632-yard campaign some unwelcome cold water on a player of Deebo's explosiveness? Undeniably. But volume is king. Even with all the mouths to feed in San Fran, Deebo commanded over a 20% target share; most notably is that he did this in every game in which Christian McCaffery was in the lineup. And though it simply didn't shake out as such last year, he's a dependable yards-per-touch/YAC monster.

I don't think this is splitting hairs. He's much more likely to be a back-end WR1/high-end WR2 than guys currently ranked above him: Amari Cooper, Chris Godwin, DK Metcalf, and Devonta Smith, to name the most prominent. Folks are drafting him in the mid-fourth-to-early-fifth rounds, and I think that's way too low.

Feel free to let rip on him in the third. I have him as my WR12. We might look back and wonder how we ever doubted that a low-end WR1 season might just be his absolute floor.

Christian Kirk (WR28), Jacksonville Jaguars

Christian Kirk:

•played in all 17 games.
•1,108 yard *career high
•84 receptions *career high
•8 Touchdowns *career high

“Worst contract of the free agency”#Jaguars #Jags #DUUUVAL pic.twitter.com/KrbxljI6nt

— Clay Harbor (@clayharbs82) January 8, 2023

Justhowlong is it going to take for us all to swallow the helping of crow we deserved after criticizing Kirk's mega-contract in the 2021-'22 offseason?

Calvin Ridley (WR22) is the new, sexy—and, arguably, sexiest—name in this passing offense. But would you be surprised if Kirk made it hard on Ridley to out-produce him this year? Kirk's final line last year was absurd: 84 receptions 1,108 yards, and eight touchdowns.

And, to keep our analysis on the topic of target shares: Kirk commanded 23% of all targets on last year's Jags offense. Lazy analysis would suggest that he's bound to see less than that this year, what with the advent of Ridley. But perhaps some slightly less-lazy analysis would encourage you to challenge your assumptions in that regard. Do we really see it dipping significantly below that figure this year?

I've got Kirk at WR20, Ridley at WR18. This is an already-playoff-caliber offense on the rise, as Trevor Lawrence enters his third year. The AFC South is the Jags's for the taking this year, so I think it's takeoff for this whole passing attack every week.

Folks are jumping for Ridley early and fading Kirk late. I'd be happy to take Kirk in the mid-to-late fourth round. He's being drafted in the sixth right now.

Jahan Dotson (WR36), Washington Commanders

Jahan Dotson Over 4.5 Receiving TDs (+100)

Dotson was targeted more than McLaurin weeks 13-17 and had 7 TDs his rookie season. Sam Howell was PFFs highest graded QB from last years draft. Breakout szn is coming. #NFL #GamblingTwitter

— The Harmacist? (@HarmacistPlays) July 6, 2023

My affinity for Dotson to outperform his current ADP is likely a rising-tide-raises-all-ships scenario re. my general belief that Washington's air attack simply hasto improve. I think Sam Howell easily beats out Jacoby Brissett in camp this summer, and he'll be the one chucking the rock all season—barring injury, of course.

Believe it or not, Howell was most efficient in the season where he logged a career-high YPA at UNC: he completed 68.1% of his passes at a 10.3 YPA clip. This is important for Dotson, who showed his over-the-top-finisher skillset last year on the rare (and terrifying) occasions that Carson Wentz aired one out.

It's obviously unclear as to who will be the primary beneficiary of some more electric and (hopefully) more effective quarterback play between Terry McLaurin, Dotson, Logan Thomas, and Dyami Brown—who was Howell's teammate at UNC for a piece. But my bet's on Dotson, at least when it comes to red zone looks.

He's being drafted as a low-end WR3 right now, but I'd bethrilledto have him in my Flex. He's my WR29. I like him more than Burks and Hollywood Brown, who are currently being drafted ahead of him.

Kadarius Toney (WR40), Kansas City Chiefs

Kadarius Toney ? pic.twitter.com/FQGbs0ZVP8 https://t.co/LVWFl2HNpg

— Brad Henson Productions (@BradHensonPro) July 8, 2023

I feel like I see Toney's name in sleeper columns this year more than almost any other player. So I won't spend too long on him.

Lazy analysis might be just fine here. Travis Kelce is the top dog for Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs, but Juju Smith-Schuster's departure leaves Kadarius Toney as WR1 in this nuclear offense. It's as simple as that: WR1 for Pat Mahomes is going as WR40?!

He's currently going off draft boards 100th overall. I can't fathom that figure whatsoever. It's not only a few of the wideouts currently going before him (Jordan Addison, Jaxon Smith-Njigba) that I'd like him over; it's also guys like Samajae Perine, Khalil Herbert, etc.

I've got Toney as my WR32. Health is a concern—sure. But take the risk on his talent and this offense. Grab him a round before your league-mates.

Rondale Moore (WR50), Arizona Cardinals

Rondale Moore is just too much fun pic.twitter.com/5RchWuX3ly

— Travis May (@FF_TravisM) September 12, 2021

The entire Cardinals offense is uninspiring, so I don't want you to think I'm ridiculously high on Rondale Moore. I'm not. I just think that WR50 is a bit too low.

He's been admittedly unimpressive so far: he's only caught two touchdowns across his 22 NFL games. But I think he's got a chance to triple that total by the end of this year, and maybe even post his first 1,000 yard season. That makes him a solid WR4 in my book.

Isaiah Hodgins (WR 70), New York Giants

F it Isaiah Hodgins highlights #Giants pic.twitter.com/SNG7SoHchu

— Marshall Green (@MarshallGreen_) July 14, 2023

Put simply: Hodgins is being drafted way too low. Consider his torrid last five weeks of the 2022 Fantasy season, when he'd finally established himself within the Giants' offense.

According to PlayerProfiler.com, in Week 13 through Week 17, Hodgins finished as a top-24 WR three times and he finished as WR7 in Week 16. He was clearly developing a rapport with Daniel Jones that we should see a lot more of this year given the departure of Richie James.

I don't think this passing offense for the G-Men is going anywhere, and I think Hodgins will be a primary beneficiary. Folks are grabbing him at WR70. I'd take him at WR 55.

If you think I'm high on these 2023 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Sleepers, check out my 2023 Fantasy Football Jacksonville Jaguars Preview. Who else feels like riding some jungle cats to the moon this year?

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2023 Fantasy Football Wide Receiver Sleepers | Undervalued WR (2024)
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