Explore the Best Dog Friendly Activities and Spots in Seattle (2024)

Explore the Best Dog Friendly Activities and Spots in Seattle (1)


Explore the Best Dog Friendly Activities and Spots in Seattle

Seattle, with its iconic skyline and lush green spaces, is a playground for both humans and their four-legged friends. If you’re looking to explore the Emerald City with your pup, you’re in for a treat. From off-leash parks and scenic hikes to cozy cafes and bustling markets, Seattle is brimming with activities that welcome dogs with open arms.

  • Written by Clarisse Jelle
  • Photo by Dogwood Play Park and Bar

Explore the Best Dog Friendly Activities and Spots in Seattle (2)

Throughout this article, we’ll delve into the top dog-friendly things to do in Seattle. Whether it’s splashing around in dog-friendly beaches, enjoying a coffee at a pet-welcoming cafe, or strolling through the city’s beautiful parks, you’ll find plenty of options to make the most of your time with your furry companion.

Let’s explore the best ways to experience Seattle, ensuring unforgettable moments for you and your dog!

1. Dogwood Play Park

Dogwood Play Park, Seattle’s original indoor/outdoor off-leash dog park and bar, offers a unique blend of fun and relaxation for you and your furry friend. For a $16 drop-in fee per dog, enjoy spacious areas for active play and gentle play while sipping on a cider, beer, or wine.

Their 8000 sq/ft indoor space and equal-sized outdoor area ensure ample room for your dog to socialize and exercise, making it a top choice for dog-friendly things to do in Seattle. Summer events at Dogwood include themed meet-ups and play dates, ensuring a vibrant community vibe.

Whether you’re looking to unwind or engage in dog-friendly activities, Dogwood Play Park stands out as a prime destination for dog lovers visiting Seattle.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Current vaccinations required (Rabies, Bordetella, DHPP)
  • Dogs must be spayed/neutered if over 1 year
  • Separate areas for active and gentle play
  • Indoor and outdoor play areas

Contact Number: 206-456-6884

Location: 12568 33rd Avenue Northeast Seattle, Washington| View Website

2. Green Lake Park

Green Lake Park, one of Seattle’s most beloved green spaces, is a paradise for dog owners and their furry friends. Located in the heart of a bustling urban neighborhood, this park features a 2.8-mile path around the lake, perfect for dog walking and enjoying scenic views of Lake Washington.

With expansive areas for picnics, boating, and swimming, there’s no shortage of dog-friendly things to do in Seattle. Summer events include outdoor concerts, dog-friendly yoga sessions, and community picnics, offering plenty of opportunities for your pup to socialize and play.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Keep dogs leashed, max. 5 feet

Contact Number: (206) 684-4075

Location: 7201 East Green Lake Drive North, Seattle, Washington| More Info

3. Magnuson Park

Magnuson Park is Seattle’s premier destination for dog owners, offering an expansive 8.6-acre off-leash area where pups can romp freely. As the largest off-leash area in the city, it features unique water access to Lake Washington, making it a refreshing spot for dogs to splash and play.

The park also caters to all dog personalities with a designated area for small and shy dogs. Magnuson Park is a vibrant hub for pet lovers and a must-visit for those exploring dog-friendly things to do in Seattle. This lush green space is perfect for a day out with your furry friend.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Dogs must be on leash in other areas of the park

  • Separate section for small and shy dogs

  • Hosts regular dog-friendly events

Contact Number: (206) 684-494

Location: 7400 Sand Point Way Northeast, Seattle Washington| More Info

4. The Barking Dog Ale House

The Barking Dog Alehouse in Ballard, Seattle, is the ultimate destination for dog lovers and their furry companions. Specializing in local micro craft beers and delicious food, this cozy pub stands out for its welcoming, dog-friendly environment. One of their standout events is “Paws for a Pint,” where dogs can socialize while their owners enjoy a pint of craft beer.

Regular events like dog-themed Trivia Night and “Yappy Hour” make it a fun spot for both humans and pets, adding to the list of dog-friendly things to do in Seattle. With covered and heated outdoor seating, it’s perfect for relaxing with your pup after a trip to the nearby dog parks. A visit to this alehouse ensures a memorable outing where pets are not just allowed but celebrated.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Regular dog-friendly events

Contact Number: (206) 782-2974

Location: 705 Northwest 70th Street, Seattle, Washington| View Website

5. Discovery Park

Discover the enchanting Discovery Park in Seattle, a haven for dog owners and their furry friends. Spanning 534 acres, it’s the largest green space in the city, offering stunning views of Puget Sound, meadows, and forest trails, perfect for a peaceful stroll with your pet.

This park is a gem among dog-friendly things to do in Seattle, boasting diverse landscapes and plenty of space for your fur baby to explore and make new friends. Discovery Park also hosts various dog-friendly events throughout the year, ensuring both you and your pet have an unforgettable experience.

Visit Seattle’s Discovery Park and immerse yourself in nature while enjoying the rich history and well-maintained beauty of this urban oasis

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times

  • Dog-friendly trails with varying difficulty levels

Contact Number: (206) 684-4075

Location: 3801 Discovery Park Boulevard, Seattle, Washington| More Info

6. Dog Yard

Dog Yard is Seattle’s finest indoor/outdoor off-leash play park and bar, offering a unique space where parents and their pups can socialize, exercise, relax, and enjoy a drink or treat. Before entering, all dogs must register a Pet Profile and upload vaccination records, ensuring a safe environment for all.

Dog Yard serves snacks and plenty of dog-friendly edible treats, making it a popular spot for both locals and visitors looking to visit Seattle’s dog-friendly restaurants and activities. Street parking is conveniently available around the Dog Yard Bar.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Indoor/outdoor off-leash play areas

Contact Number: (206) 491 9741

Location: 1546 Northwest Leary Way Seattle, Washington| View Website

7. Blue Dog Pond

Located in Southeast Seattle near I-90, Blue Dog Pond is a vibrant 1.7-acre off-leash area, perfect for your dog to enjoy some off-leash fun. This expansive, rectangular field is great for playing fetch, with grassy side slopes that your pup will love to sprint up and down. The park features unique art sculptures, including the iconic giant reposing “blue dog” at the entrance, adding a touch of creativity to your visit.

As a catchment area for excess water, Blue Dog Pond can get enjoyably muddy during the rainy season, offering an exciting playtime for your furry friend. Regular community dog meet-ups, seasonal pet costume contests, agility training sessions, dog-friendly art exhibits, and dog-centric social gatherings make it an exciting destination.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Fully fenced area for safe play

  • Running water available

Contact Number: (206) 684-4075

Location: 1520 26th Avenue South, Seattle, Washington| More Info

8. Magnuson Park

Magnuson Park, a paradise for dog owners and their furry companions. This expansive 8.6-acre off-leash area is the largest in the city, offering a fully-fenced environment where dogs can run and play freely. Unique to Magnuson Park is its water access, allowing pets to enjoy Lake Washington’s freshwater shoreline, making it a perfect dog beach.

The park features a large, flat play area, a winding trail with diverse scenery, and a special section for small and shy dogs. Whether you’re exploring Seattle or looking for dog-friendly events, Magnuson Park is a top destination to experience the city’s vibrant pet-friendly culture.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Dogs must be on leash in all other areas of Magnuson Park

  • Freshwater access to Lake Washington for dogs

  • Designated area for small and shy dogs

Contact Number: (206) 684-4946

Location: 7400 Sand Point Way Northeast, Seattle Washington| More Info

9. MarQueen Hotel

The MarQueen Hotel offers a charming blend of historic elegance and modern comforts, making it one of the premier dog-friendly hotels in Seattle. With its prime location, visitors and their furry friends can easily explore the vibrant Queen Anne neighborhood and nearby scenic parks like Kerry Park and the sprawling Discovery Park, perfect for dog walks and playtime.

The MarQueen Hotel goes above and beyond to welcome your furry friends, ensuring that both you and your pet enjoy a comfortable and memorable stay. Don’t miss the array of dog-friendly events in Seattle, from pet parades to yappy hours at local parks, making it the perfect destination for you and your four-legged companion.

Pet Policies and Amenities:

  • Dogs are welcome for a non-refundable fee of $30 per night plus 10.25% sales tax, $150 maximum

  • Dog-friendly rooms are limited and subject to availability

  • Weight restrictions apply; advance reservations are required

Contact Number: 206-282-7407

Location: 600 Queen Anne Avenue North Seattle, Washington| View Website

Zipping It Up

As we conclude our guide to dog-friendly activities, you’re now equipped with all the best spots to explore with your furry friend. Whether it’s a day at the beach, a scenic hike, or dining at a pet-friendly restaurant, Seattle offers endless opportunities for you and your pup to enjoy.

So pack your bags, grab your leash, and get ready to visit Seattle, where unforgettable adventures await you and your canine companion. Here’s to many happy moments and wagging tails in the Emerald City!

Explore the Best Dog Friendly Activities and Spots in Seattle (3)



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Explore the Best Dog Friendly Activities and Spots in Seattle (9)

Explore the Best Dog Friendly Activities and Spots in Seattle (10)

Explore the Best Dog Friendly Activities and Spots in Seattle (11)

Explore the Best Dog Friendly Activities and Spots in Seattle (12)

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Explore the Best Dog Friendly Activities and Spots in Seattle (2024)


Where should I take my dog in Seattle? ›

  • Westcrest Park. This 8.4 acre park features everything for the perfect park day with your Beest. ...
  • Denny Park. Located in Seattle's central business district, Denny Park is the city's oldest park with a large enclosed off-leash area for pups to safely play and socialize. ...
  • Schmitz Preserve Park. ...
  • Dogwood Play Park.

Is Pike's Market dog friendly? ›

Do you allow pets at Pike Place Market? Dogs, cats or pets are not allowed in Market buildings, including the Main Arcade. Only trained service animals are permitted within Market buildings.

Can dogs go on the monorail in Seattle? ›

Are dogs allowed on the Monorail? Dogs are welcome as long as they are well-behaved and on a leash. On busy/crowded days, it is possible that the owner may be asked to hold their dog on their lap. Service animals are always welcome.

Is Seattle Center dog friendly? ›

It is prohibited for anyone except those individuals with ADA service animals, public law enforcement officers, authorized City employees in the performance of their duties, or Seattle Center authorized licensees to bring any animal into any Seattle Center building or other areas designated by the Director and so ...

Can dogs go to Seattle Zoo? ›

The zoo is a non-smoking facility. For the safety of our animals, no pets—except for service animals—are allowed on zoo grounds.

Can I take my dog on the Seattle light rail? ›

Pets may ride if they are carried in small containers. Pay the correct fare on the bus; on platforms and trains, have fare ready for fare inspectors. Hold personal items, store in overhead racks or under the seat.

Can dogs go to Pike Lake? ›

Pets are welcome in all our parks and must be on a leash no longer than two meters. Owners are responsible for the behavior of their pets at all times and must clean up after their pets. Pets are not allowed in public facilities or on the beach unless it is a designated pet friendly area.

Can dogs go up the space needle? ›

Is my pet allowed? Unfortunately pets are not allowed inside the Space Needle.

Is it safe for dogs to go up Pikes Peak? ›

Pikes Peak is a giant playground for humans and dogs alike. Although they don't allow pets in the gift shops or reservoirs, there are many miles of trails and outdoor goodness for you both. Make sure to bring along a portable water bowl for your dog since they can be affected by the elevation as well.

Can you bring dogs on Seattle Ferries? ›

Pets. All pets should be kept in a container or kennel while in terminal buildings or interior cabin spaces on boats. However, pets are allowed to be restrained outside of their kennel on the exposed upper decks of boats on some routes.

Can you take dogs to Mt Rainier National Park? ›

There are rules you need to know before you head to the mountain. Dogs are not allowed on the trails or in wilderness areas at Mount Rainier National Park. Leashed dogs are allowed in campgrounds, parking lots, and on paved roads.

Are dogs allowed on Seattle streetcar? ›

Bicycles are allowed on Streetcars in the low floor section only. Guide dogs and companion animals are allowed on leash only. The Seattle Streetcar provides citizens an easy-to-use, effective way to get around the South Lake Union, Denny Triangle and Downtown Retail Core areas.

Are dogs allowed in restaurants in Seattle? ›

Officially, dogs are not allowed inside eating areas so if you want to be in the shade or away from the cold, there are some dog-friendly bars in Seattle that allow you to bring outside food and your dog inside.

Can dogs go to Alki Beach Seattle? ›

Unless it's a designated off-leash area, Seattle laws mandate that all dogs must be leashed, and they are not allowed on City of Seattle public beaches.

Why are dogs not allowed on Seattle beaches? ›

Why are dogs not allowed on Seattle beaches? Dogs are not allowed on Seattle's saltwater beaches in order to preserve the marine ecosystem, such as seal pups. However, dog lovers believe that the ban should be lifted at least for dogs on leashes.

Where is the best place to take an unwanted dog? ›

Check with the animal shelter, rescue or breeder where you got your pet. Some organizations require in the adoption contract that you return the pet to them if you can no longer provide care. Even if it wasn't part of your contract, the organization or breeder may be able to help you find your pet a new home.

Are dogs allowed in Seattle parks? ›

Yes, with off-leash options. Seattle Parks and Recreation welcomes dog owners to enjoy most parks (on a leash) and offer 14 exciting Off-Leash options to explore. At these designated off-leash areas, your furry friends are free to run around, socialize with canine pals, and work out leash-free.

What is the most popular dog in Seattle? ›

Seattle's top dog breed is … still the golden retriever. The golden retriever was the city's most popular dog breed in 2023, according to the American Kennel Club, which maintains the United State's oldest purebred canine registry.

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