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WOW! Internet’s unlimited data and well-priced internet plans are worth all the exclamation points.

Wow! Internet

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By Catherine McNally

Mar 27, 2024

WOW! Internet Review (10)7 min read

WOW! Internet brings cable internet with up to one gig speeds to the South and Midwest. But will its prices, download speeds, and contracts make you say, “Wow!”?

We’ll dig into the details of WOW! Internet, including its prices, data caps, and no-contract options. And we promise that’s the last joke we’ll make about this internet service provider’s (ISP’s) name. So, let’s dig in.

  • Price and plans
  • Internet speed and data
  • Contracts, equipment, and fees
  • Customer service
  • Recommended plans
  • Recap
  • What is WOW! Internet good for?

WOW! Internet Review (11)

See if WOW! Internet is available in your area.

WOW! Internet prices and plans

WOW!’s prices offer a lot of value, and it has plans without contracts too.

Compared to other top ISPs, WOW! Internet prices are on the lower end of the spectrum. WOW! packs a lot of download speed into its internet plans without charging you an arm and a leg. That means you’ll get your money’s worth whether you grab the Fiber 100 plan or go full blast with the Fiber 5 Gig plan.

Keep in mind that some areas don't offer broadband plans or the Fiber 5 Gig plan. For example, in Augusta, Georgia, the fastest-speed plan you can order is 3 gigs, but Augusta is also the only area where broadband plans area available.

WOW! Internet prices and plans



Download speed

Data cap

Connection type


Fiber 100$30/mo.*Up to 100 MbpsUnlimitedFiberView Plans
Internet 300$30/mo.*300 MbpsUnlimitedBroadbandView Plans
Internet 600$45/mo.*600 MbpsUnlimitedBroadbandView Plans
Fiber 500$50/mo.*Up to 500 MbpsUnlimitedFiberView Plans
Fiber 1 Gig$80/mo.Up to 1000 MbpsUnlimitedFiberView Plans
1 Gig$60/mo.1000 MbpsUnlimitedBroadbandView Plans
Fiber 3 Gig$100/mo.Up to 3000 MbpsUnlimitedFiberView Plans
Fiber 5 Gig$185/mo.Up to 5000 MbpsUnlimitedFiberView Plans

* *Price per month with AutoPay. Taxes and equipment extra. Package not available in all areas.

With AutoPay & paperless billing. Equipment, taxes, data allowance, and other fees extra. Other restrictions apply to usage-based plans.


Prices aside, we also like that WOW! Internet gives you five download speeds to choose from (or seven for those in Augusta, Georgia). The cheapest plan comes with 100 Mbps speeds, fast enough to keep a small- to mid-sized family chugging along online.

And if you’ve got a large family or a power internet user gobbling up all your bandwidth, the 1,000 Mbps or the 3,000 Mbps plan will definitely do the trick.

Is WOW! Internet cheap?

When you compare WOW! Internet’s promotional prices to how much other ISPs charge you for the same download speed, it looks like you’re getting a steal of a deal.

Even the Internet 3 Gig plan price is one of the lower gigabit plan prices we’ve seen out there at $100 per month.

WOW! Internet price comparison


Monthly price

Download speeds

Learn more

WOW! Internet$30-$185100-5000 MbpsView Plans
Xfinity Internet$20-$85^75-1200 MbpsView Plans
Spectrum Internet®$19.99-$89.9930-1000 Mbps°View Plans
CenturyLink Internet$50-$75**100-940 MbpsView Plans

Data as of 04/05/2023. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

With AutoPay & paperless billing. Equipment, taxes, data allowance, and other fees extra. Other restrictions apply to usage-based plans.

^ Pricing for some packages are for the first 12 months. Some packages require a 1- or 2-year contract.

° Limited time offer; subject to change; valid to qualified residential customers who have not subscribed to any services within the previous 30 days and who have no outstanding obligation to Charter.

** Speed may not be available in your area. Paperless billing or prepay required. Additional taxes, fees, and surcharges apply.

If your internet bill is out of hand, looking at other ISP’s prices is a good way to make a strong negotiation. (Especially if the prices are as low as WOW! Internet’s.) Here are seven more tips for saving money on internet that you should try.

Is WOW! Internet in my area?

Here’s a full list of places where WOW! Internet is available:

  • Alabama: Auburn, Dothan, Headland, Huntsville, Montgomery, and Valley.
  • Florida: Central Florida, Panama City, and Pinellas.
  • Georgia: Augusta, Columbus, Fort Gordon, and Newnan.
  • Michigan: Detroit and Mid-Michigan.
  • South Carolina: Charleston.
  • Tennessee: Knoxville.

WOW! Internet speed

WOW! promises fast download speeds and unlimited data.

WOW! Internet’s download speeds range from 100 to 5,000Mbps. Those speeds are a good fit for pretty much everyone—especially when you consider that most internet plans with significantly slower speeds don’t cost much less than WOW!’s Fiber 500 Mbps plan ($50 per month).

WOW! Internet download speeds and upload speeds


Download speeds

Upload speeds

WOW! Internet100-5000 Mbps10–50Mbps

Data as of 04/05/2023. Offers and availability vary by location and are subject to change.

If you’re experiencing slow internet speeds or other trouble, WOW!’s customer service representatives can be reached by phone, email, or social media.

Suppose you need faster upload speeds because you live stream, upload large videos, or are an avid gamer. In that case, you'll benefit from a fiber internet provider that offers symmetrical speeds (fast download and upload speeds).

Data caps

A huge boon you can count on with WOW! is unlimited data.

Many ISPs cap your data at one terabyte (TB), but not WOW!. That’s perfect if you work from home and need to download large files (think PDFs and PowerPoint presentations) often. Unlimited Wi-Fi and internet plans are also great for streaming in HD or 4K, patching the latest Spider-Man 2 game, or downloading schoolwork.

How fast is my WOW! Internet?

To test your internet speed, pay a visit to our online speed test—that’ll tell you exactly how fast your download and upload speeds are.

If your results on the speed test are lower than the speed you’re paying for, check out some of our easy tips for speeding up your internet.

Is WOW! Internet good for streaming?

Wow! Internet offers a range of plan options with varying download speeds between 100-5,000 Mbps which makes it a great choice for streaming. WOW! also offers unlimited data, so you can stream in 4K or HD without worrying about super slow speeds or buffering.

Bundle WOW! Internet with YouTube TV

Save $110 a year on YouTube TV when you bundle with WOW! Internet

WOW! Internet offers YouTube TV bundles with both its broadband and fiber packages. Bundling with YouTube TV saves WOW! customers $10 a month for one year, which we think is a pretty good deal.

YouTube TV is one of our favorite streaming services. It is known for its unlimited DVR storage and robust channel lineup, and itis home to NFL Sunday Ticket.

Here's a peek at WOW!'s YouTube TV bundles:

WOW! internet + YouTube TV bundles



Download speed

Data cap


Internet 300 Mbps + Youtube TV$92.99/mo.††300 MbpsUnlimitedView Plans
Internet 600 Mbps + Youtube TV$107.99/mo.††600 MbpsUnlimited
Internet 1 Gig + Youtube TV$122.99/mo.††1000 MbpsUnlimitedView Plans
Fiber 1 Gig + YouTube TV$142.99/mo.Up to 1000 MbpsUnlimited
Internet 1.2 Gig + Youtube TV$157.99/mo.††1200 MbpsUnlimited
Fiber 3 Gig + YouTube TV$162.99/mo.Up to 3000 MbpsUnlimited
Fiber 5 Gig + YouTube TV$247.99/mo.Up to 5000 MbpsUnlimited

†† *Restrictions and terms apply. Limited time offer to new customers subject to change. Taxes and fees extra. Additional YouTube TV terms and conditions apply.

Contracts, equipment, and fees

WOW! does not require any contracts, and we like that it offers a mesh Wi-Fi system rental.

As we always say, no contract is the best contract. WOW! took a step in that direction with its no-contract plans, and we’re proud of it. And we love that WOW! recently did away with contracts altogether.


Signing up for WOW! Internet means you won't need to purchase or rent a modem—this internet provider offers modem rental for free. Most ISPs charge $10–$20 per month for a router.

WOW! also allows you to rent an Eero mesh Wi-Fi system, which is a great idea if you live in a large house or a home with brick or cement walls. Or want to get WOW! Wi-Fi outside so you can scroll while lounging on your deck.

Service fees

Heads up: WOW! Internet is no stranger to additional service fees. But that’s the story for every ISP.

However, we have seen WOW! offer free installation from time to time. If you’re shopping around and see this deal, it’ll save you some cash. We say go for it: any savings are good savings.

  • Installation fee: Normally $50, but you won't pay anything if you grab a free self-installation kit.
  • Early termination fee: $165 minus $15 each month you keep your WOW! service.2

Customer service

WOW!’s customer service seems to be like a box of chocolates: you never know what you’re gonna get.

WOW! Internet is not specifically included in the latest customer satisfaction report from the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), but the ACSIdoes provide a score for “All Other” ISPs.

In 2021, this score was 62 out of 100, in 2022, that score changed to 65 out of 100, and in 2023 it increased to 75, which aligns with the industry average.

That’s still not a great score, though—it’s about a C if you think of a school grading scale. But that’s the story for pretty much every internet provider in the US.

WOW! Internet customer service rating


WOW! Internet score

ACSI 202375 out of 100

Considering that internet providers end up at the bottom of the barrel for customer service ratings, we weren't surprised to see a mixed bag of reviews for WOW! Internet.

Some folks had a rough time with the rental modem (another reason to buy your own?) and service outages. However, other reviewers reported a fantastic experience with the performance and customer service.

If you’re looking for help troubleshooting problems with your WOW! Internet service, here’s how you can get a hold of them:

If you do call WOW!, we’ve got a few tips to help you navigate its customer service department.

  1. Use email or chat. Both online chat and email let you continue working, gaming, or just not walking around with a phone attached to your head. Plus, you’ll get everything in writing for future reference.
  2. Write everything down. Speaking of getting things in writing, we always advise everyone to take notes or save a copy of emails and chat transcripts. Make sure you date your notes and add the representative’s name too. These details may come in handy if you run into an argument later.
  3. Ask for a manager. Having a tough time being understood? Don’t be afraid to ask to speak to someone else or a manager. It’s not rude. It’s simply advocating for yourself.

WOW! Internet Review (12)

Fiber 1 Gig + YouTube TV

Download Speed

Up to 1000 Mbps

Channel Count



Our picks: The best WOW! Internet plans

Best for families on a budget: Fiber 100

Who it’s best for: Have a few internet-hungry kiddos plus a wallet that needs a break? The Fiber 100 plan has enough download speed to keep everyone happy, and it’s speedy enough to allow you to sit down, relax, and binge some Hulu. (You deserve a break.)

Why we picked it: The price for this 100 Mbps plan is about as low as internet cost goes. And even with that low cost, the Fiber 100 plan doesn’t skimp on internet speed. This is the perfect price and speed combo for a couple of roommates up to a three- or four-person family.

WOW! Internet Review (13)

Fiber 100

(2 yr. agreement w/ Autopay)

Download Speed

Up to 100 Mbps

Data Cap



View Plans

Call NowCall now

Best for remote workers: Fiber 500

Who it’s best for: If a trip to the office means shuffling over to your desk with your PJ bottoms still on, you’ll need a bit more download speed to keep up with your work hustle.

Why we picked it: The Fiber 500 plan has enough speed to keep up with emailing, uploading, downloading, and just generally cranking out stellar work while you’re in your home office. And if your family or roommates decide to go on a Paramount+ marathon while you’re working, your internet shouldn’t slow down to the speed of a molasses-coated snail.

And if you need that extra ounce of speed, the Fiber 1,000 plan also comes at an excellent price of $80.

WOW! Internet Review (15)

Fiber 500

(2 yr. agreement w/ Autopay)

Download Speed

Up to 500 Mbps

Data Cap



View Plans

Call NowCall now

Recommended WOW! TV bundles

With WOW! TV, you can save $120 a year on YouTube TV when you bundle. The Fiber 1 Gig + YouTube TV bundle and Internet 1 Gig + YouTube TV bundle give you more than 100 channels to scroll through, plus download speeds that’ll easily support a medium-sized family’s streaming and gaming habits.

WOW! Internet Review (17)

Internet 1 Gig + Youtube TV

WOW! Internet Review (18)


Download Speed

1000 Mbps

Channel Count


View Plans

Call NowCall now

View Plans

WOW! Internet Review (20)

Fiber 1 Gig + YouTube TV

Download Speed

Up to 1000 Mbps

Channel Count



Recap: Are we wowed?

WOW! Internet ups the ante with download speeds up to 5,000 Mbps and unlimited data. It also offers plans with no contract and the option to rent an Eero mesh Wi-Fi system—two perks that are hard to find with any other internet provider. Users can also save $10 a month when they bundle with YouTube TV.

We’d like to get a better idea of how its download speeds and customer service perform. But, overall, we like what we see with WOW!, and we hope it can expand its service area in the future.

How much does WOW! Internet cost?



Download speed

Data cap

Connection type


Fiber 100$30/mo.*Up to 100 MbpsUnlimitedFiberView Plans
Internet 300$30/mo.*300 MbpsUnlimitedBroadbandView Plans
Internet 600$45/mo.*600 MbpsUnlimitedBroadbandView Plans
Fiber 500$50/mo.*Up to 500 MbpsUnlimitedFiberView Plans
Fiber 1 Gig$80/mo.Up to 1000 MbpsUnlimitedFiberView Plans
1 Gig$60/mo.1000 MbpsUnlimitedBroadbandView Plans
1 Gig$60/mo.1000 MbpsUnlimitedBroadbandView Plans
Fiber 3 Gig$100/mo.Up to 3000 MbpsUnlimitedFiberView Plans
Fiber 5 Gig$185/mo.Up to 5000 MbpsUnlimitedFiberView Plans

* *Price per month with AutoPay. Taxes and equipment extra. Package not available in all areas.

With AutoPay & paperless billing. Equipment, taxes, data allowance, and other fees extra. Other restrictions apply to usage-based plans.


After 12 months, prices will increase for each plan by about $10–$25 per month. WOW! has less expensive price hikes after the promotional period than some other providers. For example, companies like Cox, Spectrum, and Xfinity increase prices by $25-$30 after the promotional period ends.

Not all hope is lost for satisfied WOW! customers who can't afford that much of a price hike. WOW! recently introduced its Price Lock Promise. For an extra $5/month, you can prevent your monthly price from going up after the first year. It kind of feels counterintuitive to pay to ensure reduced pricing, but it's true that $5 more a month is a lot better than an extra $25–$30.

What makes this review legit?

Here at, we have 8+ years of experience in testing, researching, and reviewing tech products. This includes internet, cable, satellite, streaming, mobile, and home security services.

For this WOW! Internet review, we rated and ranked it based on the following aspects:

  • Price for download speeds
  • Number of different download-speed plans
  • Data caps
  • Availability
  • Equipment, fees, and contracts
  • Customer service

WOW! Internet has a great price for the download speeds it offers compared to other internet services. We also like how it gives you an unlimited data cap and a free modem during your service. We don't like how it's available in select cities of only six states, so not many Americans can sign up for these superb prices.

WOW! Internet Review (21)

Written by

Catherine McNally

Catherine has a degree in journalism and an MBA, and has spent the last 10+ years writing everything from Okinawa travel guides to stories on Medium. She’s been online since AOL CDs were a thing and is an unapologetic PC gamer. She believes the internet is a necessity, not a luxury, and writes reviews and guides to help everyone stay connected. You can also find her on Twitter: @CMReviewsIt.

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WOW! Internet Review (2024)


Is WOW a reliable internet? ›

It was established in 1996 and has since developed into a cable and fiber provider with competitive prices and speeds. It has a small coverage area compared to other top internet providers, but if it is available near you, WOW! is a solid internet option.

Does WOW have good Wi-Fi? ›

Internet Speed. On WOW! Internet's traditional hybrid fiber-coaxial network, customers can enjoy fast download speeds from up to 300 Mbps to up to 1.2 Gbps.

Is WOW better then spectrum? ›

WOW! also offers cable plans with download speeds that reach up to 1 Gbps. It beats Spectrum by offering more plans, so you have more selection in terms of speed ranges and different price points. Prices range from $30 per month to $95 per month, making it more affordable than Spectrum for similar download speeds.

What is the lawsuit against wow Internet? ›

In 2021, Colorado-based Internet provider WOW was sued by a group of movie companies, including Millennium Media and Voltage Pictures. The filmmakers accused the ISP of failing to terminate the accounts of subscribers who were repeatedly flagged for sharing copyrighted material.

What are the disadvantages of WOW? ›

I think the big drawbacks of WoW are the emphasis on Gear Progression, the limited means of progressing that gear, and the sheer power differential in that gear climb. An ilvl 930+ Level 110 character will one-shot a fresh ilvl 800 110 (which has killed wpvp), and the content itself also suffers in terms of challenge.

Why is my WOW connection so bad? ›

Your Wi-Fi signal might be blocked or hindered by walls, furniture, appliances, mirrors, and kitchen utensils. This would make your WOW internet slow and unstable. Placing the router at a higher elevation, away from walls and free of any mentioned physical barrier, ensures high-quality signals.

Does WOW use a lot of internet? ›

Because a single World of Warcraft server might host thousands of players, you can end up using a lot of internet data during gameplay. If you play World of Warcraft on an installed 4G LTE internet connection, you may have to monitor how much internet data you use each month.

Is WOW internet safe? ›

What is WOW! Internet Security. WOW! is committed to ensuring that your online experience is safe and secure. We have partnered with F-Secure®, a leading provider of anti-virus and firewall software, to offer you a powerful yet easy-to-use suite of security services.

Does WOW have high speed internet? ›

Coverage extends across Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Michigan, South Carolina and Tennessee. WOW offers customers a hybrid coaxial cable/fiber-optic internet connection with download speeds ranging from 100 megabits per second to 1.2 gigabit (1,200Mbps).

Why did WOW fail? ›

Fuel costs surged, affecting WOW Air's low-cost model. Fleet diversification complicated WOW Air's operations. Tough competition, especially in transatlantic routes, posed challenges for WOW Air and led to its collapse.

What happened to WOW internet? ›

WOW! will officially become Breezeline in a few weeks in Columbus and Cleveland, launching a string of changes to the internet, cable and phone service. Breezeline, based in Massachusetts, acquired WOW! in the two Ohio markets in September for $1.125 billion, after announcing the acquisition in early 2021.

Can I cancel WOW internet at any time? ›

Yes, you can end your WOW contract anytime you wish. You also get a 30-day trial period in which you get the full money back if you cancel the service. Post which you will be charged for the whole month in case of cancelation.

Is WOW in a good place? ›

In short, yes! World of Warcraft is arguably in a better place than it has been in years. The revamped, "old school" style talent tree load-outs have made character customization deeper and more interesting, and leveling progression more rewarding.

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